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 MamboFootPrints also known as Madala hominid footprints
The habitation of the Usmabara's goes back to 1,5 million years. Traces were found near the village Mambo and still can be seen, the most important ones are the MamboFootPrints

               MamboCaves also known as the Ngozoi caves
Besides the MamboFootPrints, caves are discovered also with traces of very ancient habitation, probably from the same species as those who left the footprints. The MamboCaves must have been created due to a heavy earthquake which made a number of very big rocks fall over each other. Earthquakes with that heavy impact are not known in recent Tanzanian history so they also must have very ancient origins. Since the Usambara Mountains are about 100 million year old this is very well possible.

                           MamboViewPoint eco lodge
MamboViewPoint is a
genuine Eco Lodge which is situated on the Northern edge of the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania close to the village Mambo

> Breath taking view over the African planes and mountains (incl kili view!)
> Cottages, luxury tents and camping
> Restaurant & internet

             tel:+255 785 27 21 50 if no answer:  +255 769 522 420
MamboCliffIn Backpackers lodge
MamboCliffInn is a backpacker lodge which opens the possibility to enjoy the view and vacinity of Mambo with a low budget. An ideal place to end or start your hike through the Usambaras or just to relax for some days.
Bookings via
Usambaras                                    Usambara mountains
Mambo is situated on the edge of the Usambara mountains.
With their wide vistas, cool climate, winding paths and picturesque villages, the Usambara's are one of Tanzanian's highlights.
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                                    Chagayu natural forest
The Shagayu forest is one of the few nearly untouched rain forests of the Usmabaramountains. You can find a huge biodiversity, huge trees, birds colobos- an other monkeys.
Click here for more information about the Chagayu forest

Mambo and around has several artists for woodcarving, painting, pottery and other. You will find their products in the art&giftshop from MamboViewPoint or in their workshops (pottery near Mambo and art workshop in Sunga)

                                         Traditional healers

Mambo and around is known from the traditional healers. They know a lot about local medicinal herbs.

                                             Guided walks
Mambo has different guides who can show you the many interesting places of Mambo and around. You will find them with MamboViewPoint and in Mtae.

                                              Mtae village
Mtae is situated on the edge of the Usmabaramountains, close to Mambo. It is built on a ridge and has nice views. For backpackers there are some local guesthouses available.
Mtae is also the end station for the busses to Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Arusha
. From Mambo you can make a nice walk to Mtae and Mtii (Mtii is an ancient place on the top of a hill where lived a king who could make rain)

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